Group Project

Tejon Ranch (the Ranch) is the largest contiguous private property in California and is located at the intersection of four major bioregions. Currently the Ranch is going through the permitting process to develop 11% of the total ranch property. Prior to the entering into the development process an agreement was made between the Tejon Ranch Company and a consortium of environmental groups to allow development to proceed unopposed under the condition that a certain amount of the land will be preserved for posterity. This resulted in the creation of the Tejon Ranch Conservancy (the Conservancy). The goal of the Conservancy is to develop a science based Ranch-Wide Management Plan (RWMP) that will work to adhere to the mission of the ranch to “preserve, enhance and restore the native biodiversity and ecosystem values of the Ranch and the Tehachapi Range for the benefit of California’s future generations.” The RWMP will analyze baseline environmental conditions, develop adaptive management plans to conserve or enhance the Ranch conditions, and provide a cost analysis for management plans and potential monitoring programs.   

The project team gratefully acknowledges the support of the ACE Group.

Client Needs

The Conservancy lacks the resources to conduct field studies and data analysis which are critical components in developing the RWMP. The goal of our project is to develop the oak woodland section of the RWMP. To meet the needs of our client we must obtain ecological data on types and locations of oak woodlands, identify conservation values for oak woodlands, identify potential management and monitoring tools, and identify the costs of potential management and monitoring plans.